Court & Bankruptcy Cards

Various cards are recorded bearing printed messages pertaining to Bankruptcy and the Courts. A wide variety of cards are recorded; with some appearing to be semi-officials and issued by the courts while other have been issued by solicitors on behalf of their clients.  The printings also range from instruction that a person has been declared bankrupt, notices to creditors to apply for money owed and notices to debtors to pay, and finally notices that somebody is no longer bankrupt. Further to this some cards have been printed as simple form cards, with details to be entered by hand, while others have been printed for specific individuals. The majority of cards were issued during the reign of Queen Victoria, though some are noted into the reign of KEVII. Given the potential number of bankruptees, the number of creditors and debtors for each case and the number of Superior and Local courts, the original number of bankruptcy cards that exist/existed may well alone have run into the thousands.