Napier Savage Club

The first Savage Club was established in London in 1857 and was a gentleman’s club for men that were predominantly involved in the arts, literature, drama, music or science and who were considered too Bohemian for the older arts based Garrick Club.

Members of the club could be expected to perform for other members at various dinners or social occasions.

Although the clubs were started in London and were named for the poet Robert Savage their development in New Zealand took a slightly different turn.  With the Colonists used to referring to the Maori as ‘Savages’ aspects of Maori culture became entwined with the clubs, with many using the image of the Maori warrior as there badge.

The Napier Savage Club was notable / notorious for its use of a Maori Warrior gnawing on a human femur as its emblem.

Printed: 1920

Print Type: Invitation / Advertisement

Card: KGV 1d Carmine (Samuel: AC.2a)