Pacific Cable Board

The ‘All Red Line’ was the name given to the telegraphic cable that linked the British Empire and crossed the globe.  The final section of the cable was that that crossed the Pacific, and in 1901 the Pacific Cable Board was formed.  The board contained eight members, three from Britain, two from Canada, two from Australia and one from New Zealand, and was funded by the governments of Britain, Canada, New Zealand, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Printed: 1903

Print Type: Advertisement / Map

Card: KEVII 1d Blue (Samuel: AB.1a)

Notes: The card is noted at the bottom as having been printed by John Mackay, Government Printer, Wellington, N.Z. Despite this the card is not an item of Printed to Private Order stationery.  Rather, given the government influence behind the Pacific Cable Board it is likely that they simply got John Mackay to print the cards on the current stationery stock.  On this basis the card is more akin to a semi-official stationery item than PTPO.