Ralph Levoi – Christchurch Council Election

Raphael Levoi was born in London in December 1844 and immigrated to New Zealand in the 1860’s. He worked as a Superintendent at New Zealand Accident Insurance Company.  After retiring from the company he moved to St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia, where he died in October 1920.

According to the Lyttelton Times of 13 September 1889 this was Ralph Levoi’s third attempt at being elected to Christchurch City Council.  He did not succeed on this occasion, only managing to attract 89 votes.  The winner, James Rowe, was elected with 488 votes.  Despite this, it is recorded that he was eventually elected to the council in April 1894 following the retirement of H.B. Vogel, but failed to be re-elected in the election of September of the same year.

Printed: 1889

Print Type: Advertisement / Election Notice

Card: QV 1d Red-brown (Samuel: AA.4b)