The Wellington Meat Export Company

The Wellington Meat Export Company was established in 1881 with the aim of exporting frozen animal carcasses and dairy products to England.  It wasn’t until April 1883 that the first shipment of 5794 sheep and 352 quarters of beef were dispatched to England.  Between January and February of 1894 the company shipped around 80,000 sheep and lambs and 800 tons of butter.

Printed: c.1899

Print Type: Invitation Acceptance

Card: QV 1d Green – Lake Manapouri (Samuel: AA.9a(i))


Printed: c.1900

Print Type: Order Form

Card: EVII 1d Blue (Samuel: AB.1a)


Printed: c.1910

Print Type: Stock Consignment Notice

Card: EVII ½d Blue (Samuel: AB.2a)