Thomson, Bridger & Co.

Messrs. Thomson, Bridger & Co. was established in 1888, rising, quite literally, from the ashes of two earlier companies.  The Ironmongers and Hardware business was established in Dunedin under the guise of Messrs. Guthrie and Lanarch.  While that partnership was dissolved in 1883 the business continued under the name Dunedin Iron and Woodware Company, Limited until 1887.

In 1887 the Dunedin Iron and Woodware Company was destroyed by fire, with the remains being purchased by Thomson and Bridger who started their own ironmongers and hardware company.  In a twist of fate Thomson and Bridger would go on to buy the liquidated stock of Messers. Guthrie & Co. in 1898, when the business was liquidated by the bank.  Walter Guthrie was one half of the original partnership that became Thomson, Bridger & Co.

Printed: c.1900

Print Type: Order Form

Card: QV 1d Blue (Samuel: AA.6a)