W. Gregg & Co.

Gregg & Co was established by Mr W. Gregg in 1861 as a Coffee, Spice and Starch Manufacturers and General Merchants.  In 1984 the firm merged with the multi-national salt and seasoning company Cerebos to form Cerebos Greggs Ltd.  The company is still active in New Zealand today and is known for its coffees, deserts and condiments.

W. Gregg was born in Ballymena, (Northern) Ireland in 1830 and immigrated to the Ballarat gold fields in Australia in the 1850’s.  In 1861 during the Otago Gold Rush he moved to Dunedin and established his business.  He died in May 1901.

Printed: c.1888

Print Type: Calling Notice

Card: QV 1d Red-brown (Samuel: AA.4a)


Printed: 1892

Print Type: Advertisement / Calling Notice

Card: QV 1d Blue (Samuel: AA.6a)