Waitekauri Gold-mining Company

The Waitekauri Gold-mining Company was established in April 1895 and reports of the advertised meeting indicate that exploratory progress was going well and that the share-holders were happy to wait until a large dividend premium was available for pay-out.  The mine must have started production as a further report in 1897 shows that the company may dividend payments of £21,430 (NZ$4,078,000 today).  The newspapers record that work ceased at the mine in 1903 and the company was liquidated in 1904.

Printed: 1896

Print Type: Notice of Meeting

Card: QV 1d Red-brown (Samuel: AU.1a)

Notes: On senders section of a reply card. The reply card section has not yet been recorded and it is unknown if it was printed with the same message or a different one.