Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd.

The printer, publisher and booksellers Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd was established on Cashel Street, Christchurch in 1882 by George Hawkes Whitcombe and George Tombs.  The company expanded beyond Christchurch and in 1971 merged with the printers Coulls Somerville Wilkie to form the firm Whitcoulls.

Printed: c.1896

Print Type: Dispatch Notice

Card: QV 1d Blue (Samuel: AA.6a)


Printed: c.1901

Print Type: Advertisement / Calling Notice

Card: QV 1d Brown – First Contingent Entraining at Capetown (Samuel: AA.10b(a))


Printed: c.1917

Print Type: Business Stationery

Card: KGV 1d Carmine (Samuel: AC.1a)