Winstone Ltd.

It is recorded that a single run of 2500 stationery cards were either privately printed or revalued to ‘Halfpenny’ by the Post Office on behalf of Winstone Ltd, Auckland, on 24 August 1924.

This card is clearly not revalued nor is it not likely to be Printed to Private Order by the Post Office, the ‘Inland Postcard’ inscription can be seen below the printed image.  It is possible that this is one of the stock of cards that Winstone Ltd submitted to the Post Office for revaluing in 1924 after the postage rate dropped from 1d to ½d.

Reference: Barkley, J., 2012 ‘Winstone Ltd Postal Stationery Card’ The New Zealand Stamp Collector, Vol. 92, Number 3, p.65 Samuel, R.D., 2006. The Postage Stamps of New Zealand. Volume IX. PP71

Printed: c.1919

Print Type: Advertisement / Order Form

Card: KGV 1d Carmine (Samuel: AC.2a)


Printed: 1952

Print Type: Dispatch Notice

Card: KGVI 1d Yellow-green (Samuel: AE.4a)